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  • May 21, 2015

    WorkChic’s Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale Must-Haves

    Well ladies, Nordstrom’s Half Yearly Sale is here!  Browse through WorkChic’s picks below.  

    Happy sale shopping!!

    * Apparel Deals


    * Shoe Deals


    * Handbag & Accessory Deals

    May 20, 2015

    Stylish Plus-Size Tankinis to Flatter Your Figure

    June is right around the corner.  Summer vacations are almost here which means it’s time to find a right swimsuit for your beach getaway.  Today’s fashionable choices for curvaceous women extend to everything from lingerie to bridal wear.  However when it comes to plus-size swimwear, skip the mall.  The best options and coolest styles are online at specialty websites catered just for you.  

Let’s face it, you are a busy working woman.  No one has time to comb through an entire mall just hoping that the bathing suit you want will be available in your size.

    plus size print tankini

    When you shop online, the store you’re looking for is always open, offering a vast selection of swimwear to suit your body and your budget.  Whether you know exactly what you’re looking for or prefer to browse, your next bathing suit is available for purchase at the click of a button.  Forget about the long drive, condescending sales clerk and unflattering dressing room mirror.  You can take your time, surfing through page after page of gorgeous swimsuits just like you shop for your workwear.

    You may need a bathing suit at a moment’s notice.  Sometimes, a spur-of-the-moment trip comes up or a family cruise.  If you’re buying a swimsuit out of season, it can be difficult to find an attractive two-piece at your local mall.  Thanks to specialty online swimsuit shops, you can find a great bathing suit that will be delivered to your front doorstep any time of year.  You can even explore styles that range from one-pieces, tankinis, swim-dresses and even bikinis.

    All of these flattering looks will enhance your curves and give you the support you need, no matter what your size is. 

 Any lady knows that proper bust support is vital.  This isn’t just for comfort and modesty’s sake, but for an overall slimmer line.  The right bathing suit will lift your breasts up and away from the waist, automatically giving you an hourglass silhouette.  Look for wide shoulder straps to maximize your assets.  Also any features that can draw the eyes up towards your face, such as a sweetheart neckline or bright patterns or jewels, are ones to watch.

    plus size floral tankini

    Many plus-size women also enjoy tankinis.  This two-piece style offers coverage and sex appeal that works for a variety of figures.  The bathing suit is sold in two customizable pieces, which means you can zero in on the perfect size and shape for your body.  If you’ve always wanted to wear a two-piece but are afraid of exposing your tummy, try a longer tank top with a high-rise bottom. Skirtinis are a cute variation on this look with the bottom being a sexy short skirt with a hidden panty underneath.

    plus size print skirtini

    You can check out these styles at the online retailer SwimsuitsForAll, which has been in the plus-size swimsuit game for over 10 years.  They offer options from designers like Michael Kors, Aquabelle and style blogger Gabi Fresh in sizes ranging from 8 to 34.  Women can head to www.swimsuitsforall.com/plus-size-swimsuits and receive a current 30% discount.

    When you shop online, there are lots of options to explore.  No matter what style you’re interested in, special features like ruching, color blocking and drawstring details have an amazing ability to enhance your figure.  A flattering swimsuit will allow you to be proud of your body and show it off. This year, explore all kinds of gorgeous swimwear options for your next beach destination.

    Disclosure: Brought to you by swimsuitsforall.com.

    May 15, 2015

    How to Style a Gingham Shirt for Work

    gingham fashion trend ss15

    One of the biggest fashion trends for SS15 is gingham.  One way to sport this preppy-chic print at work is with a shirt that can be easily paired with a pants or skirt.  More options below including plus sizes!


    May 11, 2015

    Water-Resistant Work Tote

    water resistant nylon bag

    Warm temperatures have definitely set in which means we are in for the rainy season.  Now it’s more about carrying a lightweight, water-resistant bag during your work commute and beyond. Longchamp’s Le Pilage Tote has been one of WorkChic’s all-time favorite bags due to its great value and style.  The bag is roomy enough to be filled up with all your essentials including files, laptop, umbrella, lunch, etc.  The nylon is easily folded flat for travel.

    everyday work tote

    It’s one of those bags that you want to own at least two of whether in different sizes or colors.  The smaller size is perfect as a daily bag.  Perk up your workwear this summer with bright colors like coral, bubble, yellow or green.  Me?  I want mine in navy please!  How about this one for your summer vacation?

    May 4, 2015

    The Skin Care Line That Saved My Face

    beautiful skin tips

    A woman can’t help but feel pretty and confident when she has beautiful skin.  For the first time in many years I can happily say that I finally feel great about my face.  Today, I’m sharing a special skincare line – Rilastil – that actually changed my skin like no other product has done before.  My personal take is that quality ingredients and years of research translate into the best yielding results and Rilastil meets both of those criteria.

    Up until recently, I was not familiar with the brand to be frank.  I cannot even begin to explain how glad I am to have had the opportunity to review this amazing beauty brand and to share my experience so that you too can achieve great results with your skin.

    Here are the products.  I call them “The Quadruple Anti-Aging Threat.”

    the best anti-aging products

    Daily Care Cleansing Milk
    Hydrotenseur Concentrate Drops
    Hydrotenseur Eye Contour Cream
    Micro Moisturizing Fluid

    Initially, I found the price tag to be on the high side for each item.  Well, I freely admit I was wrong! To that end I have nothing but admiration for my skin once I started seeing the changes.

    Below are the noticeable improvements to my face without any irritation whatsoever.

    • A cleaner & more even-toned overall complexion
    • Smaller pores with less blackheads
    • No more flakey, dry patches
    • Less oily skin throughout the day
    • Greatly reduced my acne (wow!)

    Now you see why I’m so impressed.  Can you believe that these products worked better on my adult acne than the prescription ointments recommended by a dermatologist?  I’m not quite sure which product among them is doing wonders for my skin but I’m blown away by how my skin feels & looks.  Let me tell you, Rilastil is the best skin care line I have ever used!  Period.

    I first clean my face with the gentle cleansing milk.  I use it about every other day or so.  It’s effective on removing makeup too I might add.  The two items I use almost daily is the serum and the moisturizer.  I use them both in the morning one day and then a night routine the next day.  This alternate schedule seemed to work for me the best instead of using it twice a day.  A size of a pinto bean is enough to cover my entire face for both the serum & lotion.  I gently pat (not smear) a very thin layer of each product for complete absorption.  There is no need for excess.

    The most impressive of them all to me is the Micro Moisturizing Fluid.  This hydrating power house keeps my skin like new all day long!  But to see the full benefit I recommend all of the items excluding eye cream unless you want to target that area.  There is a plenty of other products to accommodate different types of skin.  See what best fit your face on their site.

    Rilastil is unqestionably the skin care line for me.  Wit that said however I will of course enjoy trying out other beauty goodies from time to time but this brand pretty much sealed the deal for me until something even more incredible comes along.  I really hope that you give it a try to see how much of a difference it makes for your skin.  I recommend this skin care line over any other skin products that I have blogged about in the past so I also wanted to make that known.

    Next up is the two summer beauty favorites from Rilastil.  Don’t miss!

    Disclosure: This post is brought to you by Rilastil.  All opinions expressed in this post are purely my own.

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