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How do you like these chic and casual work looks?  The outfit possibilities are endless.  This look below is inspired by Francoise Hardy’s effortless style.  One can look so chic in such basic items like wide-leg jeans, pullover shirt (more colors) and flat shoes.  They are casual workwear essentials that can be easily mixed & matched.  I like the summery vibe of this tote (50% off!) as a finishing touch.  See more outfit inspirations here!

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More Ways to Improve Your Skin

Where there is  a trend, there is a spot-ridden face to ruin your high-fashion credentials.  You will preen and clean yourself up every day, but still some you will be left with acne.  All you want is to have the kind of skin you’ve seen in the Clearasil ads.  But instead there is a parade of blackheads and pimples get in the way of fashion choice you make.

Yet there are usually easy and natural solutions to the removal of blackheads and the improvement of skin.  With the right level of dedication and a healthy balanced diet, you could see your skin improve with ease.

Here are a few suggestions.

Remove and Soothe

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When you look in your local chemists, you probably see plenty of creams claiming to clean your pores and make that crater face disappear.  But most simply are not up to scratch.  “Miraculous cure”, “Splendiferous skin” and many more bizarre recommendations are plastered across what is, in essence, snake oil.

Instead of checking out high street stores, check online for a blackhead remover that will actually help keep it blemish-free.  More and more prestigious brands are starting to avoid major retailers and, instead, sell goods from their own sites. What does that mean for the consumer?  That shopping around has grown far easier, giving you a far greater level of convenience.

Before you begin entering your credit card details, consider your skin type and whether a cream will help you out.  If push comes to shove, consult a licensed dermatologist to determine how sensitive your skin really is.

H2O at the Ready

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Many people still favoring fizzy drinks over water, caffeine and endless cups of coffee instead.  But each one of these drinks can create troublesome skin that is essentially a breeding ground for spots.  Replace that sugary soda with an average of eight glasses of water a day and your skin will be cleaner and more vibrant.

This is in part because plenty of water increases the blood flow to the skin, giving you the type of glow usually reserved for pregnant women.

Work up a Sweat

sweat and skin

Exercising might not initially seem like it is good for your skin.  After all, you’re left with hot, red and sweaty pores.  But building up a sweat is great for your appearance, if you shower and moisturise directly afterwards.  Again, a workout will increase the blood flow and that excess sweat will give you a rosy hue.

Even those seemingly perfect looking fashionistas have to do a bit of exercise. So make your routine count.

The Sale Ends Soon!

There is no shortage of stylish apparel including workwear on sale, seasonal handbags, office shoes, and must-have accessories at steep discounts from the current Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale.  So don’t miss out on this epic sale event before it ends on August 3rd.  Take a look at some of these WorkChic picks as well!

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