Budget Find: Croc-Effect Tote Bag

pvc tote bag

If you are looking for a work-chic handbag in a luxe style for under $100, this tote is it!  The bag is just too good to pass up on, priced at $79.99!  It’s nice to see such an affordable bag in a classy, tasteful design.  Which means, no gaudy accents or logos.  Thanks Mango.  The navy is just as versatile as typical black totes without being too common.  Love that!

Or, would you rather invest in a much pricier designer tote?  Strictly speaking of aesthetics only, I still prefer the one from Mango.

Instant Mood Boosters for Every Personality Type

Check out Instant Mood Boosters for Every Personality Type

by WorkChic at Mode

What do you do to feel better and enhance your mood instantly?  Have you tried any of these mood boosters? Homemade dark chocolate brownies sounds so good to me right now!

how to boost your mood

Monthly Wish List – September 2015

This month’s wish list includes fashion as usual and a few beauty and home items to go along with.  Just bought the Himalayan Salt Lamp at Bed Bath and Beyond – follow up post coming soon!

beauty fashion home essentials

I adore the work outfits from Nordstrom.  These six outfits look chic and well put-together without trying too hard.  Click on the numbers below for more product details on each outfit.  I love the cool and relaxed style of the gray trench coat (#5).

work style blog

from left to right: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6