Transform Your Closet Into a DIY Dressing Room

Speed up your morning routine by decluttering, organizing and transforming your closet into a do-it-yourselfdressing room.  Whether you’re renting in a cramped apartment, living in a disorganized home or are so frustrated with your space that you’re considering relocating homes to spread out, it’s vital to create a space of your own.

Follow these five tips for a hassle-free way to ease morning stress and create a desirable closet space.

  • Clean Out Your Closet & Evaluate Stock

Source: Tony Leocadio on Zillow Digs™

The saying “less is more” certainly applies here.  Whether you’ve changed jobs, switched careers or are about to embark on a new adventure, cleaning out your closet is one effective way to declutter.  Abide by the two-year rule and cut ties (or threads) with clothing and other personal items that you haven’t worn in years. Being critical of items you no longer need helps free space in your closet and reduce morning stress.

  • Add Light

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Bad lighting can make or break an outfit.  Incorporate track lighting to illuminate multiple areas of your closet instead of targeting one specific region, enabling light to shine through every nook and cranny.  If you’re fortunate and have a large space, install a modern light fixture, like a chandelier, to dress up the room. Because both a chandelier and track lighting are mounted from above, you’ll save valuable floor space while remaining stylish and chic.

  • Get Hung Up on Organization

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Incorporate functional elements to stay organized. Installing a hanging rod is one way to keep all of your clothes visible to avoid losing sight of your options.  To speed up your morning routine, write the days of the week on multiple hangers and prepare your outfits the night before work.  Another alternative to staying organized, while simultaneously optimizing space, is by hanging hooks for shoe racks, bags and jewelry so they’re visible and accessible.

One creative way to hang your jewelry is with a shower curtain rod.  The S-shaped hooks provide the perfect place to store your bracelets on the rod, while giving your room a little extra shine.

  • Take a Seat: Add Furniture and Decorate

Source: California Closets on Zillow Digs™

Combining a seating area with stylish decor is one way to utilize your closet space, encouraging you to kick off your shoes and bask in organizational glory. Give your dressing room a touch of style by decorating with posters, accented pillows, mirrors or a cozy rug.  If you’re renting and can’t paint the walls, create a room divider or dressing screen to separate rooms while adding some flair.

  • Add a Full-Length Mirror

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We’ve all been there, climbing on bathroom counters and chairs to see our entire outfit.  At one time or another you may have asked yourself, “Are my flats too informal to wear with my new business casual skirt?”  With a full-length mirror, you’ll no longer have to see your outfit as separate entities, and instead, see how each individual item interacts with one another.  Beyond benefitting your style, full-length mirrors are an asset as they create the illusion of space and light because they reflect light.

Every working woman deserves to have an organized life outside of the office. When transforming your closet into a DIY dressing room, who says functional spaces can’t be fun? Breathe longevity into your dressing room so you can focus on dressing to impress.

By Miriam Bornstein of Zillow

Bottle the Beach and Take the Waves With You

beachy waves how to

All of my best hair days seem to pop up when I’m least expecting.  If you’re like me, you’ve got a battle station at home packed with hair products.  I can work with my hair endlessly.  And while I’ve got a certain set of skills, it seems that my BEST hair days are still elusive.  They happen of their own accord, often when I’m not paying attention at all.

One of the places they love to strike is the beach.  There’s some alchemic combination of sea, spray, and sun that works wonder for my hair.  I get up off my beach towel and find that my hair has taken on the waves of the gods, soft, full, light.  It’s a look I love, and I wish I could pull it off in front of my mirror at home.  At least, I wished that.

Now that John Frieda’s new Beach Blonde® Sea Waves™ Sea Salt Spray has found its way into my cabinet, I can pretty much get this look anytime I want.  But I can do a lot more than that.  Beach Blonde uses natural sea salt to give your hair the beach babe look you love.  But it also nourishes your hair with oils and minerals that your hair loves, unlike the ocean.  Your hair won’t dry out.  On the contrary, as Beach Blonde ads texture and body to your hair, it’s hydrating all the while.

Beach Blonde isn’t just for blondes.  Ladies with brown and red hair report great results, but I suggest anyone with long hair try it.  If you need help with a first look check out JOHN FRIEDA® International Creative Consultant Harry Josh in his new product tutorial video.  He takes a classic Hollywood and transitions it to something more bohemian, with just a couple flourishes of his comb and a few spritzes of his Beach Blonde bottle.  You can do the same.

In collaboration with John Frieda.

Monthly Wish List – June 2015

Hope you are enjoying this summer so far!  WorkChic’s latest wish list brings a chic business casual style for the season.  A relaxed button shirt and a chic pair of jeans in summery tones are a must.  Right now I’m most obsessed with the fragrance that I enjoy to cool me off on hot sunny days!  I will post the review here soon.  I also love Shayebel jeans with just the right flare – a perfect way to add a hint of retro feel to your ensemble.

summer work clothes


Easy Breezy Button Front Shirt

casual summer workwear

skinny jeans work outfit

This gauze stripe shirt is easy and a light piece for summer as well as on your wallet.  The button front and pocket keep the look cool & casual whether paired with your favorite skinny jeans or thrown over a swimsuit as a cover-up.  Wear a cami or tank underneath since the top is semi-sheer.  I went one size up (medium) for a loose fit to enjoy at the beach.