Dressed to Impress- Week 3

Our friend Mallory enters into her third week of her first job out of college and faces the challenges we are all too familiar with-what do I wear now that I have worn all of my clothes?  Here’s Mallory’s take on how she gets through this mini wardrobe crisis:

“After now 3 weeks of work I realized one thing…I need more work clothes! Since this is my first job and I am waiting for my first paycheck- I decided that I just needed to get creative!  I already have the basic Black and Brown dress pants plus a pretty sufficient collection of shirts.  They definitely have made their rounds in the past few weeks so I thought it was time to add more accessories to the mix.  Hopefully it will just look like I bought a week’s worth of new outfits! First I needed to do some sort of research on what type of accessories would transform my outfit. Who better to find out this information from other than workchic.com!  Looking through all the options, I picked out examples of what I already owned and then of course what I needed to purchase.   For example, I learned that adding a scarf to a simple dress or taking a summer dress and adding tights and boots you can create an entirely new outfit.  After opening my eyes a little more, it was real easy to see that adding something little like a necklace or scarf can add a lot to any ordinary outfit.”

Mallory provided us with a few of her work week outfits.  Let us know your feedback!




  1. says

    Mallory is a really pretty gal. She looks great in the dress. However, that outfit looks like something more fit for a date or clubbing than work. Even in a casual environment, I’d be very careful about wearing skirts or dresses that are above knee-length — especially that short. At the very least, skirts should end right above the knee.

    Also, she needs to be careful that her tops don’t pull around her chest. As a fellow large-chested gal, I empathize with how hard it is to find tops that fit. They might look better in the photos if she was wearing a black bra (which I assume she’s not but that could be the lighting).

    Best wishes to her!

  2. admin says

    Thanks for your comment Meg. Our team at Workchic has relayed your advice to Mallory. As soon as she gets her first paycheck she is already headed out shopping in search for better basics that are more conservative for the office. Stay tuned for her new outfits..we would love to get your feedback.

  3. Margaret says

    I was impressed with the way the white jacket over the basic black outfit dressed it up, and had a nice neat professional look and a pretty profile. Pretty Smile, and I give you a lot of credit for posting pictures for everyone to disect. Shoulders back, chin up and face the world. ATTA GIRL!!!

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