Fall 2009 Fashion Week: Anna Sui

We we’re in print heaven with Anna Sui’s Fall Runway Collection.  While pretty frocks paraded down the runway, fashion splendor was achieved with exaggerated 1890’s inspired hats, a little wild west influence, and sheer fun.  As Anna Sui said, “If your going to have a show, have a show!”  While we have appreciated many of the paired down looks hitting the runway this year, a nod to work wardrobe style, it was nice to just have some fun.  She didn’t just show printed dresses, she emerged the outfits in varying patterns.  Tights mimicked the dresses and we even saw boots embroidered up in style.  This collection was serious eye candy.

We’re done with the details, see for yourself!

Anna Sui Deep Blue Runway Dress Anna Sui Black Chiffon Runway Dress Anna Sui 2009 Fall Runway Look
Photos curtousey of Style.com.
Anna Sui Runway Velvet Jacket Anna Sui Country belted Runway Look Anna Sui Runway Look

Score Anna Sui’s most work appropriate prints from her Spring collection.  The first one probably needs a jacket for the office though.  We even found a little of that wild west style in a fringed paisley scarf.  Runway opulence is also covered in this velvet jacket that can be dressed down with denim for a more casual office look.

Anna Sui Sketched Rice Paddy Sleeveless Dress Anna Sui Hand Painted Floral Garden Dress Anna Sui Tie Dye Circles & Stripes Dress

Anna Sui Block Tie Dye Tunic Anna Sui Psychedelic Paisley Scarf Anna Sui Viennese Daisy Soutache Velvet Jacket

Don’t wait for fall, get Workchic in Anna Sui’s Spring collection today.


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    I knew that was Anna Sui before I even read your blog entry. I’d like to see her mix it up a little bit. She seems to work that “look” a lot for her collections. You could go back to ’04, ’05 and think you were previewing ’09

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