Workchic Skirts to Fit your Figure

It’s Spring and we love picking up fun floral skirts and dresses this season. They liven up our work wardrobes and make our whole attitude brighter.  Just think of the compliments you’ll get strolling down the halls.  We want to make sure you are getting the right looks and compliments.  This means your skirt length needs to be appropriate, but you know that. What we really want to discuss is the right skirt for your figure.  The key body shapes are Apple, Pear, boyish, and hourglass.  Keep reading to find your shape and the right Spring Skirt for you.

Apple: A-line
Apple Shape=Aline
Apple Shape=Aline – by Workchic on
The belt on this Aline skirt will make you waist feel smaller. So tuck in the skirt and keep the accessories simple. This Ikat skirt and vintage inspired blouse should get all the attention. Here are two more Spring Skirts with soft A-line silhouettes.

Women: Silk square-print pleated skirt - Shark grey Women: Cotton tie-waist skirt - White

Pear: Full Skirt
Pear Shape=Full Skirt
Pear Shape=Full Skirt – by Workchic on
Wear a full skirt with a tailored jacket. The soft lines of the skirt will soften the hip and the broader shoulder on the jacket will balance your shape. Plus a jacket makes business casual easy.  A knit top can be worn out, but it should not go past the waistband on the dress.  Ballet flats will keep you comfortable during long days at the office.  We found more full skirts at

Rag & Bone Zhora Skirt Velvet Melodia Skirt

Boyish: Petal or Tulip
Boyish Figure=Petal Skirt
Boyish Figure=Petal Skirt – by Workchic on
Petal and Tulip skirts add volume. This makes them nice for anyone with slender hips.  Tuck in a tailored blouse and add a short sleeve cardigan to complete a polished business casual look. We love the rocker edge these accessories have to contrast the soft folds of the petal skirt and sleeves on the cardigan. Finish the look with Peep Toe pumps and show off that pedicure that’s been hiding all winter. These next to options are from and Dillard’s.

Brian Reyes High Waist Drape Skirt iconicon

Hourglass: Pencil
Hourglass=Pencil Skirt
Hourglass=Pencil Skirt – by Workchic on
Pencil skirts look chic on hourglass figures. Wear the belt around the waist over the cardigan to accentuate your shape. These pops of orange bring out the sophisticated peacock pattern in the skirt.  Here are some more pencil skirts for Spring from New York and Company.

City Style Mirage Print Pencil Skirt City Style Pencil Skirt - Toasted Taupe

Follow these suggestions and look chic in business casual this Spring. Now go shopping!

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