Reader question: Can you wear a scarf if you are Plus Size?

Well of course you can!  We have been getting some reader questions on what is the best way to tie a scarf if you are plus size.  The main concern from the letters is how to wear the scarf without drawing more attention to your bustline . Well if you you remember we posted a tutorial on how to tie a scarf  back in February:

However we wanted to circle back and focus more on this issue.  We definitely feel that the best trick to wearing a scarf if you are plus size is to visually create a vertical line.    You don’t want to wear the bulkier fabric scarves. Stick to something lightweight.   We know the hottest way to tie a scarf right now is that of the bib look. You can see an example below   This look may not be for everyone especially since the majority of the fabric lies right in the middle or right above the bustline.  If you want to avoid that..then keep reading!
Hot-Pink Black Shapes Fringed Scarf

 Here are our suggestions:


The first demonstration is tying the Black Painted Chiffon Scarf in a simple loose knot with the ends hanging loosely down.  The longer the scarf the better.  The second look is what we call the throw over your shoulder.  Just wrap the ends evenly around your neck and throw one end over your shoulder. The one end hangs straight down.   You can keep the scarf wrapped loose or have the scarf closer to your neck.  We love how this Black and White Heart Print Fringed Scarf added some pop to a plain black tank but doesn’t overpower the neckline at the same time.


Ok the next look is one loop around.  All you have to do is take a longer scarf like the  Purple Crinkled Floral Patchwork Scarf shown in the picture and wrap once around your neck.  The ends hang long and loose in front of you creating that vertical line.  The next look using the Black and White Star Print Lurex Scarf is a bit more complicated but it is easy to do especially with a longer, lightweight scarf.  It is called the fold, tie, and loop through.  Fold the scarf in half lengthwise, wrap the scarf around your neck, and pull the ends through. 

If all else fails and you want something just extremely simple- just wrap a beautiful scarf around your neck and let the ends hang loose. 

No matter what you way you choose to tie your scarf it can instantly transform an ordinary outfit into instant workchic!

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    You can DEFINITELY wear a scarf if you are PLUS-size! In fact, my mother, who is petite, insists that shall and most smaller/sorter people are TOO SMALL for scarves — says she always feels swallowed up in them. I think the neck scarves (tie around the neck, hang down the front OR back) and the waist scarves (roll over a few times, cinch a little below the natural waist or hips) are particularly effective. In most cases, I feel the scarf should be rolled a little tighter, almost rope-like, for best effect. Then the scarf becomes more like jewelry, and less like a cover-up. Just my opinion.


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