Reader Question: How to Wear White Pants to the Office?

Last week we asked our twitter friends for requests about dressing for the office. This one made us laugh and we just knew we had to address it.

“Would love to see what you do with white pants. I look like a sailor every time!”

It’s funny, but so often we talk about the fabric or construction of white pants to make them work appropriate. What about the styling? Well we utilized the outfits section of our site to better answer this questions. Here you can see some looks depending on if you are dressing for a casual or businesss casual office. 


Business Casual White Pants

These three business casual outfits will have you looking chic and not sailor for the office. Soft feminine blouses do the trick withe these styles. Plus playing with fun prints and strappy sandals helps too. Shop our outfits to reel in these looks for Summer: Printed BlouseGrey BlazerBlue Blouse


Casual White Pants

Back in the middle of Spring we started getting excited about white pants and put these looks together for a casual office. Avoiding Navy, Red, and stripes is a great start to maintaining a non-sailor look. We like the idea of adding jackets to casual white pants to make the looks more professional. Soft feminine florals are always nice in the summer. Capture these looks yourself by shopping our outfits: Taupe Short Slv JacketCasual Pink BlouseMax Studio Casual

We hope these looks will help you feel sophisticated and professional in your white pants. If you are really up for a challenge, try this white suit from Banana Republic.  Good Luck putting your looks together!

If you have questions about keep your look Workchic, send them to us: We love answering your questions!


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