Can Sweaters Really Make You Look Slimmer?

Workchic is all about recognizing great talent and independent designers.  According to Marsha Hallet, from Hallet Sweater Art, the silhouettes of a sweater can make you feel and look slimmer. Here is what she had to say below:

I started knitting as a young girl inspired by my grandmother who was an expert knitter and prolific producer of sweaters, dresses, scarves, and afghans for our entire family. From the very first pair of mittens she helped me make, I have been infatuated with this craft.My academic background includes a BA from Stanford and an MBA from the Anderson School of Business, UCLA.  My career as a knitter began with my company Bo Peep.  My partner and I sold children’s cardigans that looked like animals.  With that limited experience, and a desire to visit Machu Picchu, I traveled to Peru in 1982 and established Hallet Handknits.  The company made alpaca sweaters for men and women and was well known for patterns with intricate non-repeating textures and for intarsia knits with re-embroidery.  Hallet Handknits were featured in prominent catalogs such as Talbot’s, Bullock & Jones and Paul Stuart and found in department stores like Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus.  The sweaters were “seen on TV” on Angela Lansbury and Tim Allen.At Sweater Art, we want to “Dress You in Business Class” with luxury fibers, excellent quality, and exacting fit. Our customer is the executive woman 40 – 60 who wants to make a professional work attire statement and is looking for appropriate business casual clothing. We believe that both a successful track record and a powerful image are important in today’s competitive work environment. That is workchic.What makes our sweaters slimming?  Our design philosophy is to use the optical illusion properties of color and line to flatter a woman’s body.  “Seeing is believing” is a momentary deception, if we look long enough we can usually spot the trick.  But, first impressions are lasting and our sweaters are slimming when it counts.We think that clothes that fit make you look slimmer.  And, while nothing should be tight, it is best to stay away from bulky garments or long shapes that are disproportionate and add volume to your figure. Hallet Sweater Art’s fitted silhouettes and A-line shapes fitted at the bust make you appear slimmer.  Several lengths are available so you can choose the proportion that is correct for your height and shape.Hallet Sweater Art correctly applies color and line theories to accentuate the positive about a women’s figure and make her look slimmer. Color blocking, particularly darker colors at the sides of the sweater, will make you look thinner.  Styles with lighter bodies and darker sleeves use this same principle to narrow the torso.  Sweaters with diagonal lines which angle towards the of the body and sweaters with vertical lines, use optical illusion to create a slimmer look.

At Hallet Sweater Art, we believe your clothes should express where you want to be on the career ladder. The days of demure are done. A powerful image is important to you.  You can find more these of slimming cashmere sweaters on  Hallet sweater art will also be featured on Wednesday, Sept 2nd at  10AM on the slimming clothing segment on “Your Carolina show” that is shown daily on the CBS affiliate in North and South Carolina.


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