I’m Running Late! Can I let my appearance slide?

We all have our days. Sometimes you don’t want to get out of bed, let alone dress to impress. We understand. That’s what we’re here for- to take the stress out of getting dressed for work. Even when you don’t want to put in the effort to look presentable, you should have a couple of simple outfits that always look polished and chic. After all, you never know who will be standing behind you in the line at Starbucks.

So how do you achieve truly effortless style? It comes back to your basics. They will be a lifesaver time and again, even if you are running late to the office.

One of our favorites is the little black dress, always classic, always chic. And it’s one piece! It doesn’t get much easier then that! All you need is shoes, maybe a necklace, grab your favorite bag and you can leave the house.

Not a fan of all black? A printed dress can have the same impact without even adding accessories.

For another last minute option, you should always have a pair of black pants ready. They go with just about anything. If you’re truly having a bad start to your day, shimmy into these pants. Then we have two options for cheering yourself up so you can start your day with confidence. Our first choice would be to wear your absolute favorite shirt (graphic tees do not apply) under a blazer to add a bit of professionalism. Option two is a basic blouse or tee and pile on the necklaces. A little glitz is sure to wake you up. Again a blazer or cardigan can take this look from casual to office appropriate in the blink of an eye.

Don’t let running late ruin your day. Instead try one of these simple suggestions to turn your morning around. Presenting yourself professionally is always important. It will also lift your spirits so you are more prepared to take on the day. This month we have focused on ways you can reinvent yourself the Workchic way. Don’t let one hectic morning come between you and your Workchic style. Organize your closet so that these outfits are ready and waiting for you.  Good Luck and Happy Shopping!

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    It helps to have clusters of clothes in one’s wardrobe so you have easily accessible grab and go outfit choices on a day you’re running late. Unfortunately the choices above wouldn’t be so effective for an attorney, but throw a blazer over the little black dress and you’re ready to go.


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