Keep your Boots Looking Chic with Jean Straps!

We know you love your knee high boots, but are tired of your pants riding up all winter. We have found the solution- Jean Straps! They are removable stirrups that will keep your jeans or pants neatly tucked into your boots.

Designed in San Francisco, Jean Straps clip-on removable stirrups minimize bunching and make pulling on your boots over your jeans a breeze. Eminently flexible, Jean Straps are easily swapped out from one pair of jeans to another with just a flick of a garter clip. Currently Jean Straps are available in brick red with a camel accent and are manufactured with high-quality elastic. Sold as a pair, they are available for purchase online for $9.99.

Jean Straps

We asked Erin Tocalino, co-founder of Jean Straps, what inspired her and Tni Newhoff to create Jean Straps. Here’s what she had to say.

“My business partner and I had both just bought some fabulous new boots last year. While we were at a concert with our husbands, we started to discuss how much trouble we’d had getting the boots to play well with all of our jeans. Bunching knees, hard to pull on, riding up as the day went on — all the problems that can arise. We both remembered wearing stirrup pants back in the eighties, but figured there was a more flexible — and fashionable –solution. Basically, we wanted the convenience without having to revisit that chapter of our fashion history.”

After this revelation, development started almost immediately. Months of trial and error and many prototypes later, Jean Straps were born!

Jean Straps

When we saw this product we were amazed by the simplicity and effectiveness. Great products are usually born out of necessity and these are no exception. We recommend every women add Jean Straps to her accessories drawer. End the bunchy knees and walk through the rest of winter with ease.

While these are recommended for your denim, we tried them with trousers and found they were just as effective. So don’t save Jean Straps for Casual Friday. Wear them all week with your favorite boots. 

Let’s recap the top reasons to buy:
   • Hold jeans down when putting on boots.
   • Keep jeans taut, minimizing bunching.
   • Attach to any pair of jeans.
   • Wear comfortably; no bulky metal clips.

Visit to pick up your new pair today!


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