NY Fashion Week: Workchic Faves

Melissa and I always enjoy reviewing the designer collections at New York Fashion Week. This season we would like to wrap up by showing you the styles that inspired us the most from the Fall 2010 collections. We have selected a few of our favorites and recreated outfits inspired by each look.

Tracy Reese
Tracy Reese by Workchic featuring Ralph Lauren tops

When Melissa first reviewed the Tracy Reese collection she was impressed by how the collection had a chic take on layering. We don’t only look at layering as physical garments being piled one on top of the other. You can also layer pattern. Melissa was so inspired by the mixing of plaid and polka dot that she set out to recreate her own spin of this runway standout.

The tweed pencil skirt is a more sophisticated take on plaid while still complimenting the polka dot sweater she selected. A faux Persian Lamb Jacket provides an extra layer of textural appeal. The ankle booties with taupe strap detail paired with a foldover leather bag are the perfect finishing touch for this runway to real office style outfit.

Diane von Furstenberg
Diane von Furstenberg by Workchic featuring Tusnelda Bloch blouses

We have a love-love relationship with Diane von Furstenberg. Most of this stems from her simple and always classic wrap dress. When Melissa reviewed her fall collection she was so impressed by the use of menswear fabrics in feminine and flattering silhouettes that it immediately became the focus behind this redo.

Cropped pinstripe trousers provide the masculine edge while the twilight purple ruffled blouse is all feminine style. The sequin blazer adds unexpected shimmer when you’re ready to leave the office and head out on a date. Patent leather heels make a statement when worn with cropped trousers. Finishing the look with a sleek laptop tote brings the conversation back to business.

ADAM by Workchic featuring Jessica Simpson accessories

The mix of structure and seemingly effortless volume called my attention at the ADAM show. While the palette was more muted, it highlighted the subtle differences between draping necklines and architecturally sculpted skirts. This look was an instant favorite of mine and work appropriate from the onset.

To help you create a look you can wear now and wear later, we layered two sweaters. The first is lightweight and will keep you warm until the weather changes. The second provides the cowlneck and textured pattern the outfit is boasting. We found a wide leather belt to cinch your waist and provide a break between the intricate sweater and cascading lines of the skirt. Tights are optional, but we like the way it causes the leg to look long and lean melting away into the shoes.

Anna Sui: Runway to Office
Anna Sui: Runway to Office by Workchic featuring Marni accessories

Our last runway to office redo is more on the casual side but I could not let print escape this recap. Anna Sui created a beautiful harmony between art history and modern fashion with her Fall 2010 collection. We love how this ruffled neckline dress picks up on the mixing of patchwork and a softer floral print. By layering a demi-cami from Second Base under the dress the neckline is more office appropriate. We selected a style with lace trim to compliment the lace hosiery. Anna utilized tights throughout her show to continue the intricate pattern work story. Instead of winterizing this look with boots we went with a chocolate suede pump and light, airy accessories.

Runway shows of late have continued to showcase styles that are more and more obtainable for the mass consumer. Yet they still have a certain amount of showmanship that does not translate to everyday style. We hope our coverage helps inspire you to look for elements that will compliment your work wardrobe and give you fun seasonal updates. You truly can take runway glamour to the office!

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