Business Casual Origami Sheath

Sheath dresses are a quick and simple way to create a Workchic look during the summer.

Talbots Sheath Dress

 This dress takes on a style all it’s own with a origami ruffles along the neckline. It’s polished, professional, and the perfect canvas to accessorize with bracelets, earrings, or fun pumps. What would you add to this Talbots Sheath Dress?

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 Dress shown in Champagne, also comes in Apricot Ice and Black. Order it in regular or petite sizes.


  1. says

    I LOVE my sheath dresses, I have a couple of them, they make me feel professional, dressed up and sexy all at the same time, best part they hide the right parts of the body.

  2. Angie says

    Love my sheath dresses, but I always tend to throw on a cardi at the last minute because I feel too bare!! Or I’ll even wear a shirt underneath (depending on the dress.)

  3. Christina says

    I love the Champagne color of this dress! I like the way a sheath dress helps me look crisp on a 100-degrees summer day. Since it’s summer, I would add some tropical touches to this dress, like my earth-tone floral print wedges with an espadrille look, some brushed gold earrings, and a mixture of bamboo bangles and copper pearl bracelets.

  4. Tatiana says

    I would add a belt to define the waist better. Since the dress is a very neutral color, the accessories should be bolder.

    Love the sheath dress but have yet to find one that compliments a bigger chest! Perhaps Workchic can recommend a few…

  5. says

    Hi Tatiana- this is Melissa from Workchic. Since the sheath dress has a straighter silhouette it is best to go up one size and have it tailored. That way it will fit your proportions evenly. Or we suggest looking for sheath dresses that have a hint of stretch.
    Here are some options right here on!

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