Reader Question: Where are YOU Interviewing Today?

This week while discussing office dressing in a career forum, an interesting topic was brought up. Jess said,

“I think the hardest thing about dressing for work these days is not overdressing. If I want to wear a nice dress or skirt, I often get jokes about “where are YOU interviewing today?”

This is an unfortunate reality of corporate America becoming increasingly casual. In too many offices, people are not expected to dress up and we go from business casual to in the blink of an eye.

Our suggestion to overcome this casual rut would be; slowly start transitioning your wardrobe into a more professional feel. If you add pieces to your look little by little, in a week or two, no one will be caught off guard when you wear a dress. And if they do say something, we love a witty retort…

Here are a few dresses perfect for a casual office this summer.

You know we would have a cardigan or blazer on hand to finish these looks. How would you accessorize these dresses for a casual office?  We’d also love to know how you deal with coworkers comments about your style. Leave us a comment below.


  1. Christina says

    I would just give them a wink and playfully say, “Wouldn’t YOU like to know?” Perhaps they’ll start thinking about the value of having such a smart dresser as an employee and start thinking of ways to keep you with the company!

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