Steal Her Style Segment: Jennifer L.

We are always looking for a stylish bargain so who better to turn to than Jennifer who owns the website The Looks for Less. Web developer by day, fashion blogger by night-Jennifer covers everything from styling your favorite dress to create a variety of unique looks, DIY projects, and of course celebrity and designer looks for less. Every post is infused with a bit of her personal style, which ranges from contemporary to preppy to rock-star glamour.   In fact she sent us some of her business casual & casual looks for the office.


We are seriously in love with her colorblock heels.  More on those later but here is a close-up:


We just had to ask her more about The Looks for Less and the inspiration behind the outfits above.  Keep reading below!

WC: What inspired these outfits?

JL: I work in a really casual work place. Well, I am a web developer that gets to hide in a basement office and do not correspond with the public on a regular basis. So, I would have to say that every work day is casual Friday for me. This is the perk of working on the bottom floor; that and you get to play your music a little louder than your coworkers.

The shoes were the main focus of this outfit. They were sent to me courtesy of a British invasion street-style website called Next Direct. I wanted to show two looks with these beautiful pumps – one casual Friday look and another a bit dressier. To work, I would probably pair the studded dress with black tights.

WC: Are there any celebs outfits that you try to mirror their look for less?

JL:My favorite celeb style icon was Rihanna for as long as I can remember; however, it’s not easy to wear studded outfits on the streets of Florida, haha. So most recently I have fallen in love with the oh-so-wearable Rachel Bilson. I can’t find a picture of her that I don’t love! She is always wearing head-to-toe high fashion labels, but in such an approachable way in a style that is all her own. LOVE!

WC: How do you shop for work clothes when you are on a tight budget?

JL: One of my favorite ways of extending my wardrobe on a budget is working with what I have already. In fact, I recently hosted a 1 Dress, 4 Ways contest on my site ( ) and the options that my readers put together with one dress were endless. You can take a sweater or top and wear it over your dress so that the bottom looks like a skirt. Or, you can wear a skirt over the bottom of the dress so that you have a completely different outfit. A black dress is a work essential that can be worn alone or styled in so many different ways.

WC: What do you splurge on?

JL: Most girls are addicted to shoes and handbags… I, am addicted to jackets. I think jackets transform an outfit like no other piece of apparel of accessory can. You can throw on a t-shirt and jeans and dress it up or down with the right jacket. From street style to tuxedo, I have a growing collection of jackets in my closet. I love all styles and colors, but in particular, I have way too many black jackets and my favorite is a military inspired button down that I picked up from Forever 21.

Other than jacket splurges, I spend a bit more than I should at the Mac makeup counter! Their prices aren’t terribly expensive, but I have to have one of everything they offer, so it all adds up.

For more info on Jennifer visit her at the following:

Thanks Jennifer for participating in our July Steal Her Style segment!



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