Thursday Trend of the Week: Long Skirts

I was just reading my September People Stylewatch and couldn’t help noticing that the hottest skirt lengths for the fall are anywhere from the calf to the ankle.  Now I wasn’t a fan of the 80’s revival of the mini but being petite I am not sure about this 70’s/90’s revival of the long skirt trend either.  I think if you are going to wear a long skirt (especially when you are petite) it is best if you keep your top half fitted so the long skirt doesn’t overwhelm your frame no matter what size you are.  What do you think?  Will you be wearing this long skirt trend this season?



  1. lorrwill says

    Rats. This is coming back in? Dang. I was going for the longish skirts with boots this fall because I felt like it. I may have to rethink that so I don’t look like a clone.

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