Work wear for women with curves

Dressing to impress in the workplace can be a tricky process, with so many questions to think about and so many choices to make.  Do you opt for simple, basic tailoring to show your professionalism?  Or opt for something modern to show off flair and creativity?  Do trousers show that you mean business more than a dress might?  Is an injection of color a good idea?  Obviously the answers to these questions and considerations rely somewhat on the kind of workplace you are employed in, but to a certain extent there is always room for manoeuvre.

Shopping for plus size work clothes can be even more strenuous, with many designers not catering to women with curves with their tailoring. However, there are some labels – both designer and on the high street – that offer a wide array of stylish plus size pieces, perfect for any work wardrobe.

One of the hardest things to shop for when you have curves to flatter is a good shirt.  Poor tailoring can lead to annoying gaping, pulling or a generally unbecoming silhouette.  Companies like Bravissimo specialize in clothing cut to fit curvier women, and sell carefully tailored shirts that are sized as normal, but with “curvy”, “really curvy” and “super curvy” options.  With long and short-sleeved styles, there are plenty that are work appropriate.

Many big high street brands also offer plus size ranges with shirts, suits and work clothing to offer.  New Look, for example, have a range of plus size clothes called “Inspire” (, which includes many smart shirts, skirts, trousers and dresses and should be worth a good look.  Team one of their pleated work shirts with a pair of their black smart trousers, and you have a simple, elegant work look that is also comfortable to move around in.

The skirt vs trousers debate still rages on, in a world where equality in the work place grows nearer but is still somewhat unbalanced.  Some women prefer to wear trousers to work to show that they are as serious as their male colleagues, whilst others argue that wearing skirts and dresses should not make them appear less professional.  Whatever your take on it, you shouldn’t have to be limited by shopping for larger sizes.  Whether you go for high street brands with their own plus size range, specialist labels or designer styles, you can carve out your own brand of professional work wear as much as anyone else.


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