No more crowded malls

shopping stampede

Three hours of lost time I can’t get back.  Completely wasted.  Never again will I put myself in that predicament – the day after Christmas shopping at the mall.  I have gradually lost interest in visiting local shops or malls while online shopping has become a integral part of my life.  I haven’t gone holiday shopping at the mall for the last couple years as I have became an avid online shopper so I thought, why not this year, just for one day.  I missed out on Black Friday so let’s go out to find some good deals the day after Christmas.  Big mistake!

Me & my hubby (poor him!) helplessly stuck in the mall parking garage for a good 45 minutes.  Talking about claustrophobic.  I couldn’t bare wasting more time, we attempted to find a parking spot outside.  Again with no success then to finally give up after wasting another 30 minutes.  We came home exhausted without stepping a single foot inside the mall.  Waste of gas, energy, and mostly, our precious time.  I couldn’t even imagine the wait times in line just to check out.  It’s all about waiting, waiting, and more waiting.  No thanks!  I’ve got better things to do.

What chaos that was.  Would you rather fight the traffic and the crowds or browse and buy in a split second all on your own terms?

crowded mall

As technology continues to advance there are more and more reasons every year as to why one would prefer online shopping over actual brick and mortar stores.  Whether it be price comparison, lack of time to actually drive to your local mall or any other reason the conveniences online shopping provides will make even some of the hardcore in-store shoppers consider making the switch.

online shopping pros

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