Finally, quiet heels for work

High heels are arguably one of the loudest shoes which can bring unwanted attention in certain places and situations.  Click clock click clock – here me walk! – echoing down from the hallway, each and every step.  It’s one reason why the majority of hotel hallways and corporate corridors are, well, carpeted.

There are a few things you can do to shoes in order to reduce the noise.  Or, take them to a shoemaker.  But why all the hassle when you can simply shop at

Ssh-oes is supposedly the only company in the world specializing in quite heels.  Apart from the quietness, the heels are also fashion-forward and available in several styles from pumps to booties.  Guaranteed to be enjoyed by heel-loving fashionistas!

I’m completely head-over-heels with my first pair from, the Madame Pumps ($139) in black suede.  Aren’t they gorgeous?  And just as importantly, the fit is great too – true to size, and comfortable considering the 4″ heel.  With a hidden platform, it feels more like 3″.

ssh-oes review
“The ssh-oes have a non-slip, sound absorbing rubber outsole and a patent pending noise reducing heel lift so, they do not make as much noise when you walk.”

As far as the sound goes, these delightful pumps are considerably quieter compared to my other heels.  The sound test passed “quietly” on concrete, stone, tile and wood surfaces.

cutout pumps
quiet heels

I’m excited to wear these to attend an upcoming wedding with a floral dress and blazer.  The cutout style allows for a fabulous pairing with tights as well.

A few added bonuses are the protective pouches (for each shoe) and extra heel tips that are also included in the package.  Plus, the free shipping & returns on all orders!

Bottom line:  If you want quiet heels then Ssh-oes are a must.  They are as quiet as the company claims.  The overall fit and style are excellent as well – although I’d like to see even more styles offered in the future.

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