Mixing prints and patterns

Mixing patterns can sometimes seem like an intimidating task, but by following a few simple rules anyone can pull it off.

1)    Pick one print or pattern to be the focal point of your outfit.
2)    It really does depend on the main print or pattern, but it’s easiest to achieve this look correctly when you stay within the main color range.  Note that some prints allow you to wear a loud color while some restrain you.
3)    Pair one statement print or pattern with a one subtler, which will help highlight and frame the overall look.

how to mix prints

To help demonstrate the right way to mixing refer to the outfit collage above.  The striped skirt is the focal point but the sheer polka dot top (similar – promo code DPJULY20) helps this outfit look put together but at the same time is fun and flirty.  The tuxedo blazer (similar) gives it more of a professional look and takes away a little bit of femininity, making it more work appropriate.  Lastly, the navy slingbacks (similar) are sensible heels and are still within suitable color range and complete the look.  Try mixing prints and patterns from your own closet because the results can pleasantly surprise you!


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    I think what helps too is that the top is sheer and a dark enough color that ties in with the blue stripes on the skirt. Thats the other key.. make sure the colors tie in with one another!

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