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  • March 10, 2015

    Neck Baubles

    how to wear statement necklace

    Statement jewelry is a fun way to instantly glam up your workday looks.  To personalize and brighten up your spring wardrobe, add a sparkly necklace as a finishing touch to your outfits.  I’ve gathered up 16 fabulous pieces to jump start your workwear this season from an affordable gem stone necklace ($50 on clearance!) to a radiant crystal necklace.

    October 6, 2014

    Notice-Me Necklaces

    I am completely smitten by this Fan Bib Necklace (sold out) that I recently bought from Saks Off 5th.  The necklace was only $35.99 $148 with a sale-on-sale deal!  The piece is exquisite and has a vintage look that exudes a layer of dazzling color and shine.

    multi stone necklace

    All the statement necklaces below are currently available on a fabulous discount as well.  They are all certainly outfit-icing with each having it’s own glorious design.  Use code FRIENDS to take an extra 40% off your order.

    statement bib necklaces

    1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11 // 12

    July 30, 2014

    Before Buying Your Next Diamond Ring

    An elegant, solitaire diamond ring is truly timeless.  It’s perhaps the most coveted gift by women, no doubt.  I believe that less is more (not in terms of size) when it comes to diamond rings that you would label it as forever-chic.  Usually an investment purchase, it’s wise to be educated before choosing that dream ring.

    diamond ring shape and sizes
    (photo via)

    I want to share a nice little site called Diamond Database that I recently stumbled upon.  This informative platform provides a description of specific cuts & diamond size charts (from .25ct to celebrity sizes) along with diamond size comparison and more!  It is quite helpful indeed to really get a sense of what you may or may not want.

    Seeing the actual diamond size on a finger gives you a great idea as to what it would potentially look like on you.

    diamond size chart

    After browsing this helpful site, now I have a better perspective on the shape & size of diamonds. My next ring?  Well, whether it’s a diamond (hopefully!) or gem stone ring, I will definitely search one in a trillion cut as I adore anything that resembles a pyramid.  It also appears to be larger than the rest of the shapes which is a plus.

    You can apply the same method to comparing various colored gems by clicking here.  Hope this helps your next ring shopping outing!

    July 9, 2014

    Tassel Necklace

    long tassel necklace

    Tassel necklace is a wonderful way to spice up your style while maintaining your elegant look. Drape it over a solid blouse or pullover top.  Here are more options below including the one shown above with a gorgeous stone pendant.

    July 29, 2013

    Make a style statement at work with accessories

    You may be running out of options when it comes to accessories for making a style statement at office, but you may also be overlooking some accessories already in your wardrobe and in the form of presents that you could mix and match to turn the heads of your coworkers (they may perhaps even start to consider you a fashion icon at the workplace).

    Here are accessories that will usually be overlooked by some trying to project confidence at the workplace.

    You may have a string of pearls that you don’t wear anymore.  However, they can be easily pulled off at the office.  Pearls are the dandiest of jewelry – they are simple, elegant and make a statement that’s loud and clear.

    career fashion

    You don’t have any real pearls?  Do you have fashion pearls?  Your fake pearls can be as effective as the original ones.  You can put them on with a white or pink collar shirt and a grey suit.  If you have a long string of pearls, you can cut it up to size to make a necklace and wrist band, which will be very appropriate for the office.

    Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and this statement is unlikely to change for decades.  You may have a unique diamond engagement rings like a three stone ring or a pair of earrings that you got as a wedding gift, but may not be using them at the office.  Well, it’s time that you start doing so rather than waiting for formal events or your anniversary.

    floral diamond earrings

    Perhaps try the earrings on a day and let your hair down just to see if anyone notices.  If comments stay limited, you can also tie your hair up so that they get more visible.  You’ll be surprised with the attention you receive (it’s also a good way to tell people you’re not available).  If you have a hard time keeping up with earrings, the ring will be more appropriate.

    Rings never go out of fashion, but they have to be appropriate for the occasion.  You simply can’t walk into office wearing a huge imitation char coal ring, especially if you have an important presentation.

    office fashion tips

    Formal rings, like a tiny stone on a thin band are more appropriate for work.  Braided rings as well as plain metal ones also work well and add a little lady like sparkle to your hand.  On a day where you’ll be presenting and your hand actions will be complementing your verbal tone, don’t forget to wear a ring (even the engagement ring mentioned above would be appropriate).

    Women have toned down on the coat accessories.  However, wearing brooches isn’t the thing of the day anymore, but a style statement that can be louder than your wrist watch.  Just make sure your brooch is occasion appropriate.  A chic feather brooch, an English rose brooch or the jewel studded would look best for the office.

    office fashion tips

    Loud animal shapes or statement logos wouldn’t go too well if you’re in a serious corporate environment.  If you don’t have a brooch, you can take a trip down to a vintage or thrift store and hunt for a nice 2’’ by 2’’ brooch in rusty gold that will go with every color suit you have.

    photos via naingirl, miss-2

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