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  • March 3, 2014

    Oh ~ Spring trench coats!

    Rain or shine, trench coats are an essential wardrobe piece in any woman’s wardrobe.  With spring in mind, I’m gravitating towards vibrant hues to liven up the look – just a splash of color is what your outfit needs.

    colorful trench coats

    Here, I’ve done the surfing for you.  Pair each of the fabulous trench coat below for work or play – trousers and a blouse for week days then jeans and tee on the weekend!

    spring work fashion

    coral | yellow | navy | nude | cyan | fuchsia

    Or, go with the most versatile and timeless style – a khaki trench coat.  May I suggest this slightly flared belted stretch cotton trench coat for under $200?  Look chic and dry on rainy days by throwing on this water-repellent trench coat.

    office fashion tips

    February 23, 2014

    Sophistication Meets Classic Style

    If you look up the word “chic” in the dictionary, chances are you’ll find a photo of a French woman.  French women have an unmistakable sense of style.  And for women across the United Kingdom who have outgrown Topshop but don’t have the coin for full on designer wear, French fashions from Maje provide a salvation.

    french chic style

    The hottest French-influenced fashions are also available online, with names like Nicole Farhi now being a few clicks away instead of a plane ride away.  Click through to your heart’s content until you find that just-right style that speaks to your individual taste yet provides that sense of French chic you seek.  For spring 2014 many of the best French-inspired styles are especially popular.

    Why French Women Always Look Chic

    One reason French women always look chic is because they somehow instinctively know how to look pretty yet individual.  French women are not so much slaves to fashion as fashion adapters and innovators.  French designers create pieces that allow women to take the best aspects of each look and adapt them to their own tastes and wardrobes.

    French women also understand the importance of the right hairstyle.  Whether they wear their hair long or short, French women never allow their hair to go shaggy.  Whether they are sporting neatly coiffed curls or a sleek, side-swept chignon, hair for French women is truly their crowning glory.

    Color Coordination

    If you check out French women’s outfits carefully, you’ll notice something distinctive.  At first, you may not be fully aware of what you are seeing, but then it hits you.  Color coordination.  French designers play to that strength by creating outfits with matched separates such as a solid-color top that picks up one of the colors in a pattered skirt or pleated trousers.  Many French women take the designers’ look one better, purchasing three different blouses, sweaters or jackets in her closet, each of which picks up a different color in he same designer skirt or trousers.

    French women and designers are also frequently bold enough to push the envelope, mixing and matching vivid colors and look-at-me animal prints.  With many French women and designers, fashion is three-dimensional – as much about texture and fabric as color and cut.  Clothes are, after all, meant to be worn, not merely gazed upon.

    The French Take on Jeans

    Nearly everyone loves jeans, and French women are no exception.  However, it is almost unheard of to witness a French woman wearing holey or slouchy jeans.  French designers create jeans that caress a woman’s body and celebrate her womanly curves.  French designer jeans can be dressed up or down for work or for evening occasions.

    Just-Right Accessories

    When is a rucksack more than just a rucksack?  When it’s a designer rucksack that looks more like a proper purse than something to tote around schoolbooks.  For the French, ordinary is never good enough, especially where fashion is concerned.  Whether they are dealing with purses, jewelry, hats, gloves or scarves – French women and designers understand that the devil – and perfection is in the details.  Since many accessories are inherently very inexpensive French women frequently devote more of their budgets toward minor splurges for those just-right accessories that can make all the difference between a blah just-OK outfit and a to-die-for completely coordinated ensemble.

    Shoes, Wonderful Shoes

    Many women love shoes.  But few women have as much of a way with shoes as French women.  Although Paris is a walking city, you’ll hardly ever catch French women slouching around wearing trainers, which are practically part of a uniform in many sections of the United States.  Instead, French women wear stylish gladiators, flats and even pumps.  If their feet hurt, you could never tell from their facial expressions or body language.  In fact, many French women stride about as if they were born wearing heels.

    Pulling Off the French Sense of Chic

    It is not necessary to understand or speak a single word of French to fully comprehend the French sense of chic.  The rules – such as they are – enough.  Sexy does not necessarily equate with baring lots of skin.  Casual does not translate to a “rolled out of bed” thrown-together look. Mixing and matching can often produce a more coordinated look than a stiff matchy-matchy ensemble.  Most of all, fashion is meant to be fun.

    Article written by Francesca Rhode.  Francesca Rhodes is obsessed with innovative, wearable fashion. She loves blogging about chic trends that are fresh and classic on style blogs.
    photos via 1, 2, 3

    November 15, 2013

    Boyfriend coat

    Pretty in pink…

    pink coat

    This winter season, make sure to go up a size when it comes to coats.  This cheerful coral hue gets a fresh update on cozy outerwear.  More fashionably oversized options below.

    runway photo via style.com, street photo via elle.com

    May 1, 2013

    Time for bermuda shorts

    fashion trends 2013

    Bermuda shorts are another big fashion trend of the SS 2013.  These flattering knee-length shorts come in abundant colors, print and fabric choices, from casual separates to short suits – think of tailored, streamlined shorts for the office.  Check out more styling tips (including my suggestions) as well for different ways to incorporate this trend into your wardrobe.

    photo via Style

    January 18, 2013

    Go-to greens

    Green is the leading color in fashion this year as emerald green has been declared to be the official color of the year 2013 by Pantone.  So this season, get your essential items in varying shades of green.  We are absolutely fond of darker palettes of forest, emerald and teal greens, which are easier to pull off than brighter shades.

    Coat | Dress | Scarf | Bag | Heels | Necklace | Bangle | Eye Palette

    Kate Middleton green dress fashion trend

    (continue reading this article…)

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