Light It Up

phototherapy mask

Have you heard of or used illuMask?  It’s an at-home phototherapy treatment. This is what I’m using now as my daily (well almost) anti-aging skin regimen. Anti-aging is my #1 beauty focus right now and I’m always looking for the most effective and affordable ways to keep my skin youthful and healthy at home.

I just started on my 2nd monthly treatment of illuMask.  The device requires fifteen minutes of daily (optimally everyday for best results) treatment.  This brief period is quite a relaxing moment for me ~ just me focusing on myself.  After washing my face, I light a candle, put on my favorite music, lay down, eyes shut (you can leave them open) and let the mask go to work.  It’s wonderful to have this spa-like experience right in the comfort of my own home.

You basically put the mask on then press the button.  That’s it!  The red LED light comes on (some lights are invisible) for 15 minutes.  The light automatically goes off when the time is up.  I think the brightness of the light probably enhances the mood for some users just as it did for me.  There are 30 uses pre-loaded in each controller so it lasts about a month if used everyday.

After a month of use, the biggest change I noticed was my overall skin tone improved ~ illuMask helped my skin get revitalized after harsh sun exposure from a recent beach vacation.  I feel my skin is calmer yet bouncier.  I can’t speak to you about the effect on fine wrinkles because I don’t have any yet (fortunately).

I would definitely give this a try if you want to provide your skin an extra anti-aging boost.  Experience it for yourself!

Hello, Pretty!

wear to work office heels

I wouldn’t mind having this pretty pair from Sam Edelman joining my summer shoe collection.  I like the low height of these heels along with the wide straps that won’t dig into your skin.  There are several colors to choose from but my favorite is the gray (above) & leopard finish.  If you prefer your back heel covered, make sure to check out Anne Klein’s Fabulist for a similar, affordable style.