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  • April 3, 2015

    Comfortable Slim Leg Pants Under $50

    women's black trouser pants

    How about a pair of sleek, modern, stretchy pants that are under $50?  These black slim pants from Express will take you through a busy day at work in comfortably chic style.  I have similar pants from different retailers and I like the way these pants fit the best considering such an affordable price.  The alternative luxe pairs from Akris, Derek LamSaint Laurent can go upwards of $300+. I often go for a minimal look by wearing black slacks with a white button down and black stiletto booties.

    March 30, 2015

    Natalia Vodianova’s Elegant Sheath Style

    Trends come and go year after year, yet certain things remain the same like a classic LBD.  I admire the sophisticated look seen on Natalia Vodianova as she looks so chic in a solid sheath dress paired with leopard pumps and a watch.  Now, this is perfectly elegant outfit for you polished professionals.

    Natalia Vodianova style

    Browse the 3 office-ready outfits below with similar classics.  And don’t forget red lips as a finishing touch.


    March 29, 2015

    5 Easy Hair Extensions Styles for the Working Chic

    C:\Users\Rotimifx\Desktop\hair extensions for working women.jpg

    When I got my first set of hair extensions I was thrilled, but I didn’t entirely know what to do with them.  I swiftly realized that with quality hair extensions, the styling process is no different than with any other hair, except that now I have the benefit of styling the hair that I always dreamed of.

    Working women have the reality of always being expected to look fantastic, yet have virtually no spare time on their plate.  With only a brief window to prep in the morning, it is essential to have a few go-to styles that look chic and professional, but are also a breeze to master when time is tight.  Let’s take a look at a few favorite quick-set styles for working women on-the-move.

    Style 1: Straighten it Out

    Nothing beats the satisfaction of leaving your hair the way it is and still having it look drop-dead gorgeous.  One of the simplest ways to achieve a fuss-free hairstyle is to use a quality hair straightener to de-frizz and iron out your natural wavy locks, and your leave-in extensions.  A nice straightening job should last for a couple of days without washing, and a manageable comb through in the morning will leave you ready to go!

    To achieve long full straight hair look, you will need a quad one piece clip-in hair extension.  This gives you desired length and volume in minutes.  See here.

    C:\Users\Rotimifx\Desktop\one piece clip-in.JPG

    Style 2: The Coiled Bun look

    To achieve this classic, yet sophisticated look, once your extensions are secure, divide your hair into two even sections as if you were going to put your hair in pigtails.  Grasp the section of hair on your left side and twist.  Coil this section of hair up and into a bun and secure with a hair tie, and pin as needed.  Next, twist the remaining hair and then wrap this new segment around the bun that you have already created.  Secure with pins.

    To achieve this, you can use a single ponytail hair extension piece.

    C:\Users\Rotimifx\Desktop\Ponytail hair extensions tie 1.JPG

    Style 3: The Side Braid

    Simple and a genuine time-saver.  All you need to achieve this look is long luscious locks, which you should now have thanks to your new hair extensions, and a few seconds.  Brush and smooth your hair until it is all laying across one shoulder, and then braid.  To enhance this look and to add a little flair, try twisting a section or two of your hair before beginning to braid.

    Style 4: The Simple Ponytail with a Twist

    This style is precisely what it sounds like – an up-do that has stood the test of time.  To achieve this timeless look that showcases the sporty side of your brand-new, extension-enhanced hair, simply smooth and secure into a high ponytail.  Once hair is secure, grasp a small section of hair and wrap it around the ponytail holder.  Once it surrounds the hairband fully, tuck the end underneath to secure and conceal it.  Leave loose curls, or pull up every last strand for a sporty, career-driven image.  You can use a single piece hair extension to achieve this look.

    Style 5: The Braided Ponytail

    Part braid, part ponytail.  To don this look, begin by dividing your hair, with extensions in place, into three even sections. Begin braiding, but halt after simply three or four crossovers, and then fasten the remainder with a hair tie.  Pull tight. This new twist on the classic braid, which lets the rest of your gorgeous locks flow free, will leave others envious of your unique yet elegant style.  You can use a braided clip-in ponytail hair extension to achieve this look.

    Disclosure:  This article is brought to you by Weaveland.

    March 22, 2015

    Monthly Wish List – March 2015

    spring office outfit


    The items that makeup the outfit above are a few of the latest additions to WorkChic’s wish list. The ivory blazer is an absolutely wonderful piece to brighten up your work outfits this spring & summer. And looking at that light blue dress makes me want to hit the beach.  C’mon June!

    March 20, 2015

    Stiletto Booties for Spring

    high heeled booties

    Today’s post is dedicated to all you boot lovers out there.  As spring has officially arrived today (I couldn’t be happier!), what better transitional footwear than heeled booties to vamp up your work looks.  Stiletto booties are more versatile than you think ~ dressy as pumps, only edgier!  They can be easily paired up with a cropped trousers, skirts or wide-leg pants.  These days, booties are considered year-round shoes and I personally enjoy them throughout the year even in summer.

    I have gathered up some stiletto booties in work-chic styles with closed-toes to keep you looking polished at your workplace.  The LBB (little black booties) are like LBDs, you must own at least one pair!


    collage by WorkChic | photos via Who What Wear, Pinterest

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