How can I Organize my Closet to Make my morning Easier?

Have you found yourself running late for work all because of your closet? Well we called upon Megan Kristel from Kristel Closets to answer the question for us!


How can I organize my closet to make the morning easier?
By Megan Kristel, President/CEO Kristel Closets, Inc.

It doesn’t matter what sort of morning person you are – whether you wake at the first glimpse of sun, singing with the birds, or hit the snooze and snuggle in until the last possible moment – an organized closet will get you out the door with relative ease, in style, feeling that little tingle that today you may just conquer the world.

1. Start with a purge. Now is the time of year for renewal, so get in that closet and remove anything you are not wearing and/or do not LOVE. Ask yourself: Does it fit? Do I love it? Is it in style? If you answer yes to all of these questions, go ahead and keep it, if not, find it a new home. The closet clean out is the least glamorous but most important step in getting a closet and wardrobe ready for the New Year.

2. Actually clean your closet. That’s right, with a mild soap and warm water – when was the last time you did that? While you are in there vacuum out those dust bunnies and have a fresh start. Think about it, you spend good money on your wardrobe, don’t just shove your items into a filthy closet. Show them some care now and they will last you for seasons to come.

3. Organize the way you dress. Take some time to think of what works best for you. We have many clients, specifically who work in the corporate world where full suits are mandatory who prefer to hang each “capsule” together. For example, their navy suit is hung together, followed by all of the coordinating layering pieces. Some clients go as far as hanging the appropriate accessories and undergarments together.
Alternatively, simply hanging like garments together: i.e. pants, skirts, tops, etc, then break down each category by length and then by color. Visually, this helps take your eye directly to what you are looking for, and will shine a new light on items you may not realize you have. In the same way, keep belts and shoes together for easy access.

4. Keep it well stocked. Evaluate what you wear all the time, your staples: a white blouse, dark jeans, grey slacks etc. and buy multiples. This way you can create your favorite outfits without having to worry if a key piece is in the wash. Do the same with tights, pantyhose, and camisoles; keep multiples on hand so you are ready in a moments notice.

5. Pay attention to the details. Like any great outfit, a well appointment closet has some key elements that will not just get you organized but inspire you to stay that way! Below are a few simple and affordable additions to your closet – no matter how big or small – that will make a big impact:
New hangers. This will keep all of your garments at one level, so you see everything and bring visual harmony to your space.
Add light. Fumbling through a dark space searching for a lone dark sock is no way to start your morning. Install simple battery operated LED lights at the top of your closet so you can see all of your fabulous frocks.
Get creative. If you have the space, hang a favorite picture or line the inside of your closet with pretty wallpaper, give yourself a great jolt of creativity every morning!
Have an emergency kit ready to go. Even the most organized fashionista has a disaster to contend with at some point. A pretty basket or box filled with fashion fixes will elevate stress and save your day. Include: double sided fabric tape, a lint brush, shoe polish, needle and thread, extra buttons, small scissors to remove extra threads, safety pins, and clear nail polish.

6. Get ready the night before. Save tons of time by laying out your outfit the night before. Better yet, review your agenda for the upcoming week over the weekend and pull everything you will need for a week. Clients of ours who picked up this habit tell us by spending an hour on a Sunday prepping for the week they save 30 minutes every morning. That’s an extra 2 ½ hours of snooze time!

Megan Kristel is the President and CEO of Kristel Closets, Inc. a leading image consulting and wardrobe management agency with offices in Philadelphia and Washington D.C. With an emphasis on customer service, the team offers their private client an exceptional experience and an opportunity to discover the image and style that best suits their individual personality and lifestyle. As a style leader, they connect clients to the appropriate resources and establish a supporting relationship that lasts a lifetime. To learn more about these services and to sign up for their FREE monthly newsletter, visit or their blog

Thanks Megan for contributing this great post!