More ways to wear jewelry to work

There is no better way to dress up a simple outfit than to accessorize with great jewelry.  Regardless of what your jewelry preference is – either bold and bright, or simple and understated – choosing the right accessories to complement your outfit is a smart way to bring fashion into the workplace.

Statement Necklaces
Statement necklaces are big, bold and make an impact.  They are intended to be worn alone over a sweater or a dress, and paired with a simple, delicate bracelet, or petite earrings to highlight yet not take away from the art of the piece.  Statement necklaces are meant to cause attention and they are often like wearing art on an outfit.

how to wear statement necklace

Choose a statement necklace in either mixed metals, gold, silver or tungsten to wear over a t-shirt, sweater or dress to make a big impression.  Bib necklaces are also statement pieces that rest higher on the collar (though not like a choker) that are intended to be worn directly above the v-neckline and rest on the collarbone.  Choose a statement necklace that will enhance a basic sweater or t-shirt that you own, and you’ll be amazed at how well your wardrobe is instantly lifted.

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