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Your guide to alterations, tailoring, seamstresses and more.

Whether you need a dress completely altered or a simple pant hem shortened, this list will help you find a great tailor wherever you are in the country.  If the list seems a little short to you or you didn’t see your local tailor, send us an e-mail with who you love to use and why, and we will add them on. TailorList@workchic.com

We think that finding the right tailor is just as important as finding the perfect shoe.  Unless you are buying your clothes custom made or you are a seamstress yourself, chances are your clothes could use some alterations.

Pant hems should generally be one inch from the ground when you stand up straight.  But what about if you wear heels or flats or even both?  Now, ladies that love to wear heels, this means you need pants hemmed to different lengths depending on the shoes you will wear them with.  Also note, if your weight tends to fluctuate, this will affect the length of your pants.  Take your body and lifestyle into account when you go visit the tailor.  Just like off the rack is not a one size fits all solution, either are your alterations.

Having your clothing adjusted is more than just moving hems and fixing buttons.  Once you find a tailor you’re comfortable with, we hope you will change your buying habits. Remember the numbers you find on an inside label or hangtag are just that- numbers.  Get over them!  They have different meaning to different designers.  You know how it is when you are a size 8 from one store but need a size 6 from the other.  It might benefit you to go up one size in a blouse that will provide a better silhouette . The tailor can add darts or princess seams to improve the garments shape and overall fit.  Maybe you want to accentuate that great hourglass figure of yours.  You hate going up a size to fit your hips only to have to add a belt to cinch in the obscenely enormous amount of fabric gathering around your waist.  Ignore the size and hit the tailor.  You can have the waistline brought in and improve the overall look ten fold!

Add this Tailor List to your arsenal of tools.  Think of it like your anti-wrinkle cream or your body slimmer.  Using it will improve your look and how you feel when you walk out the door every morning.  When your family, friends, and co-workers compliment you and ask where you got that great outfit you can laugh inward and smile outward because you know you look Workchic!

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