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So you know you need some more personal or individualized help in getting dressed for work or finding professional office attire but who do you turn to?  We have connected with the top Image and Wardrobe Consultants, Personal Shoppers, and Stylists that are dedicated in taking the stress out of getting dressed for work!   So what is the difference between them?  We provide you with some information that will guide you in finding the best person that suits your needs in your specific area!


A Stylist deals more with creating a look/feeling associated with current trends.  Their services are often used more for photo shoots and film.

A Personal Shopper – shops for whatever specifics you may be looking for in your wardrobe and will base it on current trends.

Wardrobe consultant – will tell you what you need in your closet and what gaps to fill. Will then refer you to a personal shopper or tell you what to shop for on your own.

Image Consultant – Does what a personal shopper, wardrobe consultant and stylist does and more. They look at your overall image and show you how to optimize it and make it your own. They will also teach you about your body type and fashion. And then find what works specifically for your lifestyle, personality, body type, budget, and style.


Workchic is dedicated to helping every woman look professional, feminine, and chic no matter what type of office you may work in.  Reach out to one someone in our Directory today!

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