Informational and Educational webinars on dressing professionally for work

Professional Dress + Etiquette = Lasting Impression!
Workchic and bizMe are teaming up to bring you webinars on career development.

By combining fashionable and professional appearance along with business etiquette, women will be shown how to command a presence and gain the attention of their desired audience. This audience can be found in a boardroom, conference hall full of people, or even in one hiring manager’s office. There are many ways to look at the way you present yourself in a working environment. This is why bizMe and Workchic teamed up to bring information to women at all stages of their careers. From the initial interview to changing jobs later in life, women need to know how to showcase their own personal brand.

By drawing on their knowledge of brand awareness Workchic and bizMe put together a professional series like no other. Each of the following topics will showcase a 360° view of how women are perceived in business, from etiquette to appearance. Topics will include:

- Interviewing Tips
- What to do once you’ve landed the job
- Career advancement
- Reentering the workforce or starting a new career later in life

Webinars will be ran by Amanda Guralski, Jennifer Gregory, and Melissa McGraw. Each segment will have at least two question and answer periods during the 1 hour segment.

Interview Tips - April 13, 2010

This webinar on interviewing tips will cover finding the job, preparing for interview questions, identifying the office environment and selecting an outfit, acing the 1st interview, and preparing for the second. 

After Landing the Job - April 20th, 2010

Once you have landed your first job, or any new job, you will probably be handed a company manual with a new set of corporate rules to navigate. This segment will help you prepare for your first week on the job and set the stage to excel in your new environment.

Career Advancement - May 4th, 2010

Eventually you will reach a point in your career when you are seeking a promotion and ready to move on to the next level. This segment will address personal branding and how important it is to cultivate your professional image.

Second Career - May 11th, 2010

Whether you are reentering the workforce after an extended break or starting a new career later in life, there may be important changes to the standards and practices in your industry. We will discuss everything from social media to office appropriate dressing to help you embark on this new chapter with ease.

Registration for this series is now closed. Stay tuned for more information on future programs.

Learn more about Workchic co-founders Melissa McGraw and Jennifer Gregory by visiting the Workchic about us page. For more information about bizMe and publisher Amanda Gurlaski visit


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