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From the most conservative office to a more creative and trendy environment- Workchic.com has the solutions to your toughest work style questions!

At Workchic.com we know how hard it is to find time to go shopping, let alone keep up with all the trends and incorporate them into work appropriate outfits. The 80’s power suit has long since disappeared. But somewhere along the line we dropped the ball on informing women how to dress for the office. We all know our clothes should be pressed and that displaying your cleavage is not appropriate. Workchic takes it a step further and answers the question:
What about looking professional, feminine, and chic?

This is the question that became the inspiration to launch Workchic.com. After years of watching women walk into our offices in inappropriate outfits and having a misstep or two ourselves- we realized that women need a one stop destination for clothing that is work appropriate and fashionable. Most importantly, women need to know how to put their clothing or outfits together in a professional manner, accessorize with personal finds, and get it tailored to fit properly. At the end of the day we all want to look chic and feel feminine, but we can’t forget to present ourselves like the hard working professionals we are!

Whether heading into the office, going on an interview, or attending a networking event- we have made it our mission to show every woman how to get their desired look. Not just with words but with pictures, outfits, tips, and links to the actual items. Plus a custom fit guide and tailor list. Since we all know finding the right item and fitting into it are two separate issues! Visitors to our site can:

1        Shop for Outfits by Business Look
- Business Professional
- Business Casual
- Casual Office
2        Browse Products by Office Environment; plus Category, Brand, Fit, and Price
3        Learn about Fit and Styling through
- Fitting Room Series
- Guide to Wardrobe Basics
- Workchic Trends
- Recommended Stylists
4        Read our Blog Entries and Newsletter
5     Create a Wishlist to Save their Favorite Workchic Items

Owner/Editor Yujin (just call me Sophie) Wood has always been a fashion fanatic that has enjoyed helping friends and family with advice and tips on how to look their best.  Her favorite thing to do as a child was to play dress-up with her friends. 
A professional fashion blogger/writer since 2007, she now embarks on a mission to help women with their work wardrobe.  Showing women how to dress professionally while at the same time doing it with style, ultimately leading to better performance on the job.
So check back often and let us know what you think of workchic.com. Email us- info@workchic.com.  You can also follow us on Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook.

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